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Doctor Answers Commonly Searched Questions About Birth Control

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Dr. Natasha Bhuyan is here to answer commonly asked questions about Birth Control.

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Oral contraceptive pills in a blister pack. The packaging indicates the day on which a pill is to be taken so that the hormones will effectively interfere with the woman’s ovarian cycle. – stock photo
Martin Shields/Getty Images
Concept with Oral contraceptive, Emergency Pills, Injection Contraceptive and Male Condom.
JPC-PROD/Getty Images
School nurse giving sex education
Peter Dazeley/Getty Images
Contraception icons set
vadim-design/Getty Images
Holding an IUD birth control device in hand
flocu/Getty Images

Close up pan sad woman lying awake on bed / pan to window – stock video
Team Agency Inc./Getty Images
Problem Skin. Woman Crushing Spot On Face And Looking In Mirror
puhhha/Getty Images
Healthcare. Woman With Blister Of Pills Smiling At Camera
puhhha/Getty Images
A lot of colored pills or drugs background. Many medication on the table. First aid kit with pills. Pharmacy with medicine.
sibway/Getty Images
Woman suffering from cystitis, touching abdomen and feeling pain, healthcare
Motortion/Getty Images
Young woman trying on clothes. Attractive caucasian female looks in the mirror turning around trying on beige bra in clothing store’s fitting room.
denitos/Getty Images
Female reading instruction to contraceptive hormonal pills, birth control
Motortion/Getty Images
Young Black Woman Texting With Smartphone In Bed
dualstock/Getty Images
Pregnant woman secretly taking abortion pill, unexpected pregnancy, problem
Motortion/Getty Images
Girl hands calculating her ovulation and marking the dates on a calendar with an orange marker while asking why she missed her period
Filomedia/Getty Images
Embarrassed and shy young couple before first intimacy in bed, inexperience
Motortion/Getty Images
Female doctor with digital tablet
Lumi Images Video/Getty Images
Woman getting condom out of package and showing before camera, safe sex
Motortion/Getty Images
Girl hands holding sealed condom, putting it into pocket of shirt, contraception
Motortion/Getty Images
Woman prepares for breast exam, mammogram at doctor’s office or hospital.
fstop123/Getty Images
use a condoms!
saskami/Getty Images
Modern Menstruation HD: Box of Compact Tampons and Calendar going to Defocused
lostinbids/Getty Images
Hands Pressing Pill out of Contraceptive
Fifty nine/Getty Images
HD DOLLY: Stepping On The Bathroom Scale
simonkr/Getty Images


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